In honor of the International Dark-Sky Association's Dark Sky Week, which will take place on April 15-21, WWW.SKYGLOWPROJECT.COM is releasing SKYGLOW NYC, an experimental timelapse which imagines how the skies above New York City would look without light pollution. Inspired by the "Darkened Cities" stills project by Thierry Cohen, this short film composites the heavily light polluted "City That Never Sleeps" with the pristine night skies of Grand Canyon and Death Valley International Dark-Sky Parks.

In 2015, state of NY took an unprecedented step to begin protecting wildlife from excessive use of lights: "New York State Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced that state-owned and state-managed buildings from Buffalo to Gotham and Binghamton to Plattsburg will participate in the Audubon NY Lights Out program. That means unessential outdoor lighting will be shut off from 11:00 p.m. to dawn, from April 15 through May 31, and August 15 through November 15, when waves of songbirds migrate through New York in the dark en route to southern wintering grounds."

The film was shot on Canon 5DIV cameras & lenses sponsored by Canon USA, aided by Alpine Labs' Michron & Pulse, powered by Paul C. Buff Vagabond Mini. Adobe Lightroom & Premiere were used for editing and processing. Additional corrections by LRTimelapse.

This video is a follow up to SKYGLOW,, a WWW.SKYGLOWPROJECT.COM viral video which was a subject of an episode of Discovery Science's "Outrageous Acts of Science" which can be viewed here:

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Producer/Editor/Shooter: Harun Mehmedinovic & Gavin Heffernan, Music: Terry Devine-King

Special Thanks: 
Leila Conners & Mathew Schmid, Mikayla Khramov, Annie Dolan, Semezdin & Sanja Mehmedinovic, Aaron McNally & Canon USA, Kevin Noble & Paul C. Buff Inc., Greg Horvath & Alpine Labs, Inc., International Dark-Sky Association, Northern Arizona University, State of New York.

New York City. Night skies courtesy of Death Valley National Park, Grand Canyon National Park and Fort Union National Monument.


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